The best French magazines and books for kids, delivered to your door

The best French magazines and books for kids, delivered to your door

How to make our children avid readers in French? By helping them discover the joy and the pleasure of reading of course! To trigger the happiness of reading, there are excellent French magazines that children love to receive in their mail box each month. They can also build up their library in French by receiving the surprise of a new book.

As parents, I think we have to encourage reading because reading is more than a necessary skill to evolve in the world and in our society, reading is the vessel of imagination, knowledge and the way we transmit a culture that unites us.

To make our children read regularly, I think a subscription is a great option to achieve it because children receive directly the book or the magazine. And they expect them!

For young readers, a lot of magazines come with a CD of the main story. My children love it and me too! I quickly scan the CD before my youngest breaks it, which allows me to burn a copy when I have to replace the original, and I upload all the books on my phone and my Ipod to listen to the stories while in the car, in the plane or anywhere else! It’s a little less of screen time for them and they love listening to favorite stories again and again. I think it’s also great for non-French speaking parents as they can rely on the CD for the perfect accent.

French magazines for children 0 to 18 years-old

For the tiny ones to kindergarten

  • Popi French Magazine
  • Picoti French Magazine
  • Tralalire French Magazine
  • Babar French Magazine
  • Toupie French Magazine

For kindergarteners to primary children

  • Pomme d'Api French Magazine
  • Les belles histoires French Magazine
  • Histoires pour les petits French Magazine
  • Wakou French Magazine
  • Youpi French Magazine

For primary children

  • Mes premiers J'Aime Lire French Magazine
  • J'apprends à lire French Magazine
  • Manon French Magazine
  • Tobogan French Magazine
  • J'aime Lire French Magazine
  • Moi je lis French Magazine

For primary to middle-school children

  • Astrapi French Magazine
  • Wapiti French Magazine
  • Julie French Magazine
  • Geo Ado French Magazine
  • Images Doc French Magazine
  • Okapi French Magazine

For middle-schoolers to high-schoolers

  • Je bouquine French Magazine
  • Phosphore French Magazine

French books subscriptions for children 0 to 13 years-old

What if your child could receive a different book each month? L’école des loisirs wants to instill the pleasure of reading to children from 0 to 13 years-old by offering them books to make them discover many different literacy styles: albums, novels, documentaries or comics.

L’école des loisirs is a subscription of 8 books per year. The books have been selected for the quality of their stories and their artistic illustrations. Book by book, the children build up their very own library in French.

From Bebemax to Kilimax, you will also find an audio version of the books available on the English wersion of their website and you can also enjoy online games around the books.

Find out all about the books, classified by age, at

Ecole des loisirs in English

Subscribe your child and receive the magazines or the books to your door

The magazines I presented belong to the publishing houses Bayard and Milan which merged to propose you the same subscription as in France with a delivery to your place in New York or everywhere else in the US. Please contact Catherine Lamy for any questions you may have or to subscribe to your child’s favorite magazine:

To please your child with a book per month, please contact Flore Pouquet from l’Ecole des Loisirs :

Would you like more books in French? Consult the book selection of the Librairie des enfants.

Happy reading children !


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