Stay on top and even improve your French this summer

Stay on top and even improve your French this summer, yes it is possible!

As you may be looking forward more free time to spend with your family and friends this summer, you may also wonder how to unwind without forgetting too much of the French you have learnt. Check our ideas to practice French all summer long  at your own pace.


1- Read, read, read

Beginner or confirmed reader, fan of polars or looking for fun stories, make your selection in the list Librairie Albertine has picked for us.

10 books in French for Adults

2- Radio France App

Through this app, you will access podcasts from the main French Radio stations. Culture, music and news at your fingertips (or rather at your  ears) all summer long.

3- La boite à FLE (the French box)

Open the box and discover this interactive website created by a French Teacher, Pascale Duvigneau. You can work online independently  and practice written and oral comprehension as well as grammar and conjugation. It’s easy to select the theme or subject you want to study and the materials are various and thoughtful. In the box, you will also find interesting cultural facts related to France.

4- FLE, by La Conjugaison par le Nouvel Obs

You already know the app, now discover the website! Any doubt about grammar or conjugation? In the mood to review any particular lesson studied during the school year? Check the corresponding section and find the rules and examples needed to consolidate your knowledge. It’s really easy to navigate through the subjects and to find whatever you are looking for.

5- And what about a MOOC to consolidate your skills or acquire new ones?

If you want to practice and learn more while exchanging online with French  teachers and other students from all around the world, what about trying a Massive Online Open course in French? They offer flexibility since you can connect at your convenience to watch the videos and read the documents provided, complete the exercises and post your questions/comments on the dedicated forum. For example a MOOC designed for the B1/B2 Level offered by the platform Coursera just started on June 12.


Still looking for more ideas? Have a look at our selection of games to play with friends and family with barely any material necessary, and practice French while keeping everyone busy in the car, at the airport  or on a rainy day.



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