Our tips to help your kids stay on top with French language arts during the summer

Our tips to help your kids stay on top with French language arts during the summer

Summer vacations are about to start, meaning 2 months to enjoy travels, quality time with family and friends, ant to make unforgettable memories. But can they have so much fun without forgetting how to speak French? Yes of course, by browsing these ideas and choosing the resources that will make French part of their daily vacation routine!


1- Read, read, read

Books are the easiest way to practice comprehension and enrich one’s vocabulary while enjoying quiet time at the end of a busy day. Read aloud to the younger kids and help the beginners or more experienced readers to find a couple of novels they will not want to close, for instance in the selection from “La Librairie des Enfants”.

10 books in French Children

2- France TV Education, from Elementary to High School

On this website you will find many videos, games and more, to learn and review the bases of the French curriculum (“Apprendre et Réviser”), or to explore new subjects (“Comprendre le Monde”), for kids from Elementary to High School.

Educational resources are clearly organised by subjects, themes, keywords and levels so it’s easy to pick up the ones that will help your child consolidate a notion (for example time reading and measuring for a 3rd grader, or atoms for a middle school student). Some thematic games allow kids to enrich their knowledge about French culture overall, like their vocabulary of the Tour de France.

Among the videos, the children usually particularly like the “C’est pas sorcier” series, where Fred and Jamie try and explain everything, driving us all over the world on board of their amazing truck full of models and various tools to understand society, geography, nature, and history, as how Neanderthals were living.

We also like the program “un jour, une question” that answers in a short animation movie any question the readers could have regarding actuality, science, society, history, and more.


3- Mr Mathieu’s blog, from Kindergarten to 4th grade

If your children take a French curriculum, you should browse Mr Mathieu’s blog; indeed Mr Mathieu is a teacher and designer of educational games who offers many ideas to practice every subject, learn new notions in a very fun way:

  • Lessons in grammar, conjugation, math… for each grade (for example, the lesson on “how to measure” for the 2nd grade)
  • Many exercises that look like games
  • Illustrated documents about history (the end of the World War I), geography, life science (teeth, vegetals, animals…)
  • Educational tools as this timeline to help the little ones  understand the routine of the day
  • And many more

A great blog to consolidate one’s skills on every subject while keeping your best mood!


4- Vacation homework

The French “cahiers de vacances” are a fun way to review all the main points of the curriculum while discovering new facts and to approach back to school day with confidence.

Order the notebook corresponding to your child’s grade or download and print a free version, for example offered by Rosace Editions.

In both case, try to have your child work independently every day before checking with her or him the answers and ideas. See mistakes with a positive eye, they show you the notions to focus on with your child until he/she is confident.


Looking for more ideas to practice? Preferably outside the academic field? Check our selection of games you can play with barely no material, in the car, waiting at the airport or on the beach. Have a great summer!



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