Are online classes, via videoconference, made for me?

Due to their unbeatable flexibility, online classes have become really popular among students, to start learning a new language or strengthen one’s communication skills. With our more than busy schedules, it is sometimes the only option to attend a class regularly.

Are you still wondering if classes by videoconference are the right choice for you or your children? We have asked Geneviève, a French teacher specialized in online tutoring, to answer our questions and give you a better insight on this new way of learning.

Between work and family, you can’t find a regular weekly session on your agenda to fit your French class? You would like  to set few one-time classes to help your teenager get ready before her main assessments?

“Online classes offer a true flexibility and you can schedule your lesson at the most convenient time for both you and your teacher, explains Geneviève. Indeed, to start your class you only need a bright and quiet room and a computer with a good internet connection, which you can find in your office during a break, at school between two classes, late at night, etc.

Not only will you spare the commuting time but also reduce the introduction time when one invites someone else to his/her place, by small talk and a cup of tea for instance. When you meet online, you just greet each other and start working. Therefore online classes maximize the efficiency of learning”.

As student and teacher both work from home (or office, school…), you can even plan shorter (10-15 minutes) and/or more frequent classes than you would do if one of you had to travel. If both of you agree on the idea, they can even be scheduled at the last minute. A great option to clarify a point of grammar or to give a last push before an exam.

Online classes also allows you to stay focused on your goals, even during your business trips or vacations. They provide teenagers with the chance to take a personalized  revision program for a couple of hours a day even when you are away from home. You can rely on the teacher’s experience to make the best of these intensive classes and also travel lighter, as any document needed will be shared online.

A common question when we think about online learning is the age of the student. When do you consider a child is ready to work efficiently with his/her tutor via videoconference?

According to Geneviève, whose students are between 16 and 54 years old, 3 aspectsFrench_online_class1 have to be considered before starting regular online classes with a tutor: the motivation of the student, his/her computing skills and his/her ability to focus on a subject. She would assess them  before offering a class to a child younger than 16. “It’s usually obvious after the first class whether this way of learning will bring results for the student“, she adds.

Keep also in mind that for many teenagers, learning through digital tools may be much more motivating and therefore efficient than working with a pen and paper. Moreover, they will improve their computing skills by creating and sharing documents, as well as become more independant.

I am not sure to be motivated with a tutor I don’t know…

I always try to meet my students in person before we start, Geneviève explains. Indeed I think this human connection help us get to know each other, build mutual confidence and increases the student’s motivation. When it’s not possible to meet in person, we always take the time needed to create such a relationship via videoconference, by introducing ourselves and sharing our personal interests and aims”.

Am I going to reach my goals?

Face-to-face or online, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with your teacher, but it is also really important to study with a tutor proficient in using the digital resources needed for the class. You have indeed the opportunity to share your screens, communicate through dedicated software tools, like a virtual white board, and collaborate on documents .

Hence, according to Geneviève, success relies both on the student’s motivation, discipline and on the teachers’ professional skills. “If your tutor provides advice that makes you overcome your difficulties, and exercises that help you improve your skills, your achievements will only depend on you and your learning environment. To reach your objectives, you need to study in an environment quiet enough for you to focus on the subject, to be rigorous so that you acquire news skills then reinforce them, and to show motivation to make learning quicker and more efficient“.

Moreover, with the opportunity to record your lessons and replay them later, and to organize one’s notes directly in work folders, it has never been easier to revise the concepts already studied and to consolidate your knowledge and skills.

I am shy, I wonder if Iearning via videoconference will allow me to improve nevertheless?French_online_class2

“Usually the shy students feel more comfortable to learn online than face-to-face, explains Geneviève, maybe because they can easily hide some details (physical aspect, dress style, tidiness of their home or office…). Every class relies upon a dynamic audiovisual interaction between the student and the teacher. My students experience the same motivation, learn as efficiently and feel the same encouragement from me to give the best of themselves as they would face-to-face“.


As an overview, here are the advantages of online learning via videoconference:

  Unbeatable flexibility:

Choose your place, time and the duration of your class!

Continuity in your learning experience

Vacation, business trips… Stay connected and never miss a single lesson!

The best tutor depending on your needs and goals

No need to commute or to live close by, select your teacher worldwide

Collaborative work, for an immediate feedback

Share your work documents and rely on interactivity

Optimized organization

Keep your notes and shared documents handy  

Motivation as a keystone in the process of learning

Benefit from well thought educational supports and from up-to-date digital learning tools


For face-to-face or online classes, to learn French for school or for business and  no matter what is your level, for homework help in any subject of the French curriculum, visit and find the amazing and qualified tutor who will help you achieve your goals.



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