Learn French, practice the language and discover French culture online

Learn French, practice the language and discover French culture online

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Are you learning French by yourself? Looking for any useful resource to help you practice between 2 lessons? You may remember we introduced the Duolingo App, and may want to browse these websites that will allow you to study independently, get an immediate feedback on your grammar, comprehension and vocabulary skills, and feel immersed in the French culture.

Learn French when you're an adult1- Bonjour de France

Bonjour de France is a free educational cyber-magazine which aims to promote French language and culture. You will find exercises, games and more, that you can either complete online or download. It also offers lesson plans, cultural facts and idiomatic expressions to expand your vocabulary and enrich your French cultural background.


2- Apprendre le Français avec TV5 Monde 

Apprendre le Français with TV5 Monde also offers multiple resources to learn French and get used to the French culture. Most of them include a short video and comprehension questions, based on your level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can search activities  by theme, level, skill, content, etc. The “tips for learning” section provides level-based advice and methodology to help you improve at your own pace. You can even self-assess your level in French by taking the annals of the test of French language arts knowledge, and get yourself prepared for the real exam.

3- Français facile

Another useful source of ideas for the self-taught students, the website français facile provides all the grammatical rules, each clearly explained, with examples and practical exercises. Choose a category (grammar, spelling, conjugation, beginners…) then the subject you want to study on, and check your progress!

Many exercises come with an audio or a video file to practice oral comprehension, and you are even provided with a guideline of studies that can be tailored depending on your actual level and aims. Whenever you feel ready, take their test and validate your level!

And would you wish some support in learning, thoughtful advice, useful resources and reliable feedback on your skills, improvement and subjects still to be reinforced, do not hesitate to visit MyTutorspeaksFrench.com and find the tutor who will make you achieve the best of yourself.

Need resources for children too? Consult our selection of Free resources in French to work out with your children


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