Anne, amazing certified French teacher in New York City

Interview with Anne, French teacher

Hi Anne, you are a certified teacher, recently arrived in Brooklyn, and you offer French classes and homework help on My Tutor Speaks French. Could you share your background with us?

Hi, I have received my certification from the French Ministry of Education a little bit more than 20 years ago. During my career, I’ve taught all ages, including kindergartners. I taught all kinds of students but mainly from 1st to 5th grade. I also had the opportunity to work for the training of young teachers, so for adults training.

To whom your classes are made for?

My classes are made for children attending bilingual schools. They may be francophone and may follow a curriculum in French. In this case, I can help them with their homework, strengthen certain knowledge or even deepen others skills, and remedy the difficulties children may encounter when learning French language, whereas it concerns writing, reading or speaking.

My classes are also made for French speaking children attending American schools. They may need to reinforce their knowledge in French especially when it comes to writing and reading or to the different skills to be developed when learning their own language.

And finally, my classes are also made for adults who would simply like to learn, work out, or who just like French language.

Anne, thanks to your great experience in France and abroad, which advice or tips could you share with us to help our children to improve their French?

If the entire family is committed in learning French language and culture, then among this family it should be easy to share French story time or movies. And also, maybe, they can enjoy different exhibitions related to French language and culture.

If some parents turned to you with a child facing academic issues, how would you handle the situation?

First, I’ll identify very precisely which issues the child is facing. Then, thanks to reinforcements, repetitions, trainings and reexplanations we would reverse the trend.

In a second time, I will work on giving the child the necessary confidence, to motivate and comfort him or her over the problems.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your personality in a few words?

I’ll say that I’m a passionate. I started teaching a long time ago and I’ve always kept this passion for teaching and taking care of children. Then, I think I’m pretty thorough. I’ve acquired a certain level of serenity which enables me to adapt to different difficulties. I also think I’m rather pragmatic!


Thank you Anne!

Anne, French teacher


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