Online resources to practice the French curriculum with your children

Online resources to practice the French curriculum with your children

Nicolas just learnt to read and you are looking for fun and educational tools for him to practice? Helena definitely needs to do some exercises to consolidate her French grammar skills, and she is much more motivated when she works on a screen? 

Building solid bases is very important. Luckily for us, it is now easier than ever to practice online, receive an immediate feedback, and obtain further explanation if necessary.

To help your child either get ready or reinforce his/her knowledge, we’ve selected  useful websites to practice and learn independently, especially in math, reading, comprehension and French language overall.

Our selection of great digital resources to learn French


1- Practice reading with Abracadabra

First, we recommend for our early readers Abracadabra. This website, created by CSLP (“Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance”), in Concordia University, Montréal, offers four types of activities related to the French language arts for them: games with sounds and letters, practice of reading, comprehension activities, and spelling exercises. Your child may choose between several different books to study and a “little voice” explains her what has to be done, and provides some advice if needed.


You can also visit the parents’ zone which is full of informations regarding the activities as well as tips and videos related to learning to read and write.


2- Challenge your skills in French Language arts with “La Bonne Catégorie

Children who can read may already challenge themselves with La Bonne Catégorie, a website that requires that you sort words depending on their nature, their meaning or their spelling. For example, you have to determine the correct spelling of plural nouns (not always easy in French), or whether some words are nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs…


One to three players can play at the same time and have the option to add some challenge and set a limited time to accomplish the mission. A fun way to have the all family practice the French language arts together!



3- Become the best of your class in maths with GoMaths and Thatquiz

Would your children either struggle with maths or love them, you want to try Gomaths, an interactive website created by a teacher, where the students can practice online and get an immediate feedback, or print the exercises, search with a pen and paper, and check their answers afterwards. Online, you can choose between the “training mode”, where you may try again when you make a mistake, or the “assessment mode”, where no mistake is allowed. Select the theme you would like to practice : calculus, order of operations, decimals, fractions, percentages, conversions, algebra… Or watch some videos for further explanations. The most competitive and challenge-loving students may even enter the calculus contest and become the next Gomaths winner!

Thatquiz  is another website that offers interactive maths exercices related to calculus, algebra, geometry, measures, conversions, time reading… for every level. You will  also find activities related to science, geography and foreign  languages. Everything you need to build a tailored and thorough revisions program.


Want more tips? Here is our selection of 10 free educational “Apps” to try in 2017

Finally if your child is struggling with any part of the curriculum, or just needs his self-confidence boosted, keep in mind that on, you can find many great French speaking tutors with a strong knowledge of the curriculums and a lot of experience in pedagogy.



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