Take the test and find out your main memory type

Take the test and find out what is your main type of memory

As you now are an expert on memory and learning theory, we guess you wonder which kind of memory is the most efficient for your child (or maybe for you!).

So here are 2 quizzes, adapted from a document published by Eduscol*, to find out :


1- Write the first idea that comes to your mind when you read each of the following words

(no right or wrong answer here!)


2- Tick any sentence that applies to you

1- I cannot work efficiently in a noisy environment       ◻

2- I like explaining my lessons to a family member or a friend       ◻

3- I like recalling my lessons by drafting on a piece of paper       ◻

4- I like telling my lessons loud, even if I am the only one in the room       ◻

5- There are “post-its” stuck everywhere in my room to remind me about anything       ◻

6- To learn a lesson, I read it several times while doing always the same gestures       ◻

7- When I learn a lesson, I try to remember how the classroom, the teacher, my classmates… looked like, and it helps me a lot to remember the important ideas       ◻

8- I really like the teachers who tell us short stories linked to the subject, because I easily remember them and then I manage to recall the lesson as well       ◻

9- I can remember any poem and song I learnt since I have started school       ◻

10- While focusing on learning, it seems that I can hear the teacher’s voice and words in my head       ◻

11- I cannot work anywhere I don’t feel comfortable       ◻

12- I need to add colors and sketches to my notes. I always use the same color code       ◻

13- I am much more efficient at learning when I use a tablet or a computer       ◻

14- When the lesson is complicated or long, I make it short through creating a crib sheet or a series of drawings       ◻

15- I like listening to music while learning, it helps me focus on the subject       ◻

16- I recall much more easily anything I did with my family or friends than anything I did at school        ◻

17- When I think about someone I have not seen for a long time, I can easily remember his or her face       ◻

18- Sometimes I can’t hear someone talking to me when I am focused on learning       ◻


3- Interpreting the results

Prepare a 3-columns table : visual memory, acoustic memory, kinesthetic memory.

For the first part, add 1 point to “visual memory” for any written word related to the sight or a strong visual feeling (like a color, any visible characteristic…); add 1 point to “acoustic memory” for any written word related to the sense of hear or any sound (noise, animal sound…); and add 1 point to “kinesthetic memory” for any written word related to the taste, smell or touch, or to any movement or action verb.

Please note that a given written word may lead to up to 3 points, trust your common sense!

For the 2nd part, add one point to the matching type of memory when the sentence is ticked:

  • 1-4-9-10-15-18: acoustic memory
  • 3-5-7-12-14-17: visual memory
  • 2-6-8-11-13-16: kinesthetic memory


Obviously, the type of memory that scores the highest from the 2 quizzes

is your main type of memory!


Now click here to read our pieces of advice and make the best of your main type of memory, develop the 2 others, and become a real  expert at learning!

Eduscol is a network of educational and pedagogical resources created by the French National Education; the document adapted here (” Ressources Accompagnement Personnalisé,  Développer sa mémoire, techniques de mémorisation” ) is a suggestion for teachers to support High School Student in their organization and studies through so-called “Accompagnement Personnalisé”.Les tests présentés  sont adaptés à partir du document – legal notice– 

Practice your French and read it in French by cliking here.

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