Line, ice skating, ballet and modern dance teacher who gives classes in French

Interview with Line, ice skating, ballet and dance teacher

Hi Line, you offer ice skating and ballet classes on My Tutor Speaks French, could you please tell us about your background?

Regarding my background, I entered the French National team when I was 12. I took part in many Europe Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games for figure ice skating with my partner. I currently work in New York City in partnership with the The Ice theatre of New York and the French Federation of Ice Sports. I studied dance at the conservatory and foreign languages at the University of Paris 7. My true passions are foreign languages, dance and ice skating. I love teaching to every age!

Could you tell us what you love about ice skating and what could it bring to each of us as a sport and as an art?

Ice skating mixes athletic and artistic sides and that what I love about this sport. Children or adults can develop their athletic abilities as well as learning to express themselves on the ice, with a more important dimension than on the floor due the glide which is specific to this sport.

What is the content of an ice skating lesson or a dance lesson since you teach both?

Each lesson starts with a warm-up, on the floor or on the ice. Next, I always adapt the lesson to the needs of each student, child or adult. I focus on teaching them the skills they lack, for example they may lack athletic or artistic abilities. It’s true that I love choreography a lot since I’m also a choreographer. There is always a little sequence at the end of the class which enables students to express themselves with a music chosen according to their taste and personality.

Who can take ice skating lessons?

Everyone can take ice skating lessons: I teach children as well as adults. I also teach children with special needs. One may choose to put emphasis on the artistic side or explore the competition side with in this case a more frequent and regular practice. Everybody is welcome to Chelsea Piers to enjoy a class of ice skating!

If I’m a total beginner, will I be able to perform a little sequence after few hours of lessons?

I think it’s always possible to perform a little sequence from the moment when, after 2 or 3 classes, one feels capable or letting the fence go and go more toward the center of the rink. We will first work on balance, to find one’s center, gain trust and get rid of any apprehension. From there, everything is possible, meaning that with a basis of exercises and elements adapted to each student, we can develop a little sequence the student can then perform alone or with help.

What are the advantages of learning French while practicing a sport?

Learning a language while practicing a sport enables a more natural and fun way to learn for a child or an adult. He or she will absorb the language more easily, without even noticing, for example: the body parts, the moves or the rhythm of the language. This will empower the student to learn and memorize in a more obvious way.


Thank you Line!

Line, ice skating, ballet and dance teacher


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