Claire, French and CNED teacher in NYC

Interview with Claire, French teacher

Hi Claire, you have a higher teacher’s diploma in modern literature and you offer French lessons for all ages and levels on My Tutor Speaks French. May I challenge you to present your background and methods in 5 words:

Hello Emmanuelle, my first word I’d say would be “Experience” because I have been a French teacher for 8 years. I have taught French at middle and high schools. At university level, I taught French literature. I have also taught French as a Second Language to American students for one year.

For the second word, I’d say “Custom made” classes because the most important for me is that you reach your goals. Before starting a series of classes, we will discuss together your needs and your project so that I can adapt my lessons to the reasons why you want to study French. Naturally, I will also adapt my methods to your starting level of French as well as the and to the time you can dedicate learning French.The third word would be “Professionalism” because I take my role as a tutor very seriously. Learning French, just like other languages, will require efforts and work. Of course, I’ll be there to support you and ensure you improve by giving you the right tools. I’ll encourage you but I can’t do the job for you. You’ll have to work and practice regularly if you really want to improve your French level.

The fourth word will be “Interactivity” because not matter what your goal is, I always make sure my classes are relaxed and interactive. My role is to move you forward, therefore to achieve this, it’s essential that you have fun and you be committed. That’s the reason why I always adapt my lessons to your areas of interest by suggesting materials related to what you like, such as podcasts, videos, press articles, etc.

The fifth word would be « Immersion” because there is no surprise: to learn French you must hear French and speak French. Consequently, I meanly speak French during the class. Of course, if there are things you would like me to explain again or that you don’t understand or which are a bit tricky, I can use English but I will always encourage you to speak French without fearing making mistakes because that’s how one can improve efficiently.

What kind of classes do you offer and to whom are they made for?

I give classes to 2 very different kinds of student. The first one is made by French or French speakers students who need homework help or organizational skills. In this case I offer French classes from elementary to high school. I can also help the students who have final year exams such as “le brevet” or the “baccalaureat de français”. My second public are Americans or students from any other nationality, who wish to learn or boost their French. In this case I will give classes of French as a Second Language with a special focus on orality and conversation.

Which advice would you give to a student who wants to practice between 2 lessons?

Between 2 classes I really advise to listen to French, at least a little bit every day if possible. The most important is not understanding everything but absorbing the sounds and the common phrases people use in their everyday life. According to your level I may recommend you podcasts or short videos so you can really train your ears to listen to French.

Thank you Claire!

Claire, French teacher


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