Phil, drawing teacher who give classes in French

Interview with Phil, drawing teacher in French

Hi Phil, you are offering drawing classes in French for adults at MyTutorSpeaksFrench, could you please share your passion with us?

Hello, I propose drawing classes to make us discover an activity we all practiced as children: drawing. I have a key message for all of us regarding the expected results of drawing: it’s often awaited that one can draw in a realistic way, everybody expects this result in order to be the center of attention by displaying the most realistic drawing possible. However, the entire art history contradicts this goal even if it remains interesting.

I prefer considering drawing as an activity close to meditation or self-discovery, through the idea that drawing can be considered more like a research activity. It’s a laboratory that I would like to set up.

With finally very little material, from a financial perspective, it’s one the big advantages of drawing, it doesn’t require much. The idea, is that with little material, everyone can at first have fun while drawing. It’s very important for me that drawing be fun and experimental. It’s indeed interesting to have, let’s say, classic skills to practice drawing in order to acquire in a first time a true capacity to reproduce reality but it does not have to be exclusive.

It’s always a little bit annoying to observe a kind of intellectual fraud that makes us think that drawing must be ducted in an educational system where, for example, if we have to draw a hand, we must do it in the most realistic way. There is famous double drawing of Van Gogh that shows in a very academic way a drawing of two hands, and on the same sheet of paper he draws the hands, let’s say “a la Van Gogh”, which means in a much freer way, without worrying about realism. This shows us that these hands drawn in a realistic way could belong to anyone, any human being. They are indeed well drawn. But the ones we will all prefer are obviously the ones in Van Gogh style because these hands belong to a particular person. It’s what we feel.

Therefore, it’s a good example which tells us that drawing in a realistic way, we can try to experience it, but the entire drawing experience does not stop here.

Phil, do only propose one-on-one classes or small groups could also be possible?

Both suit me. If we consider a group, it should be small because I don’t want to leave the students drawing on their own during one hour without interacting. It’s important to be close to what they do. Small groups, up to 3 persons, can be great.

Thank you Phil!

Phil, drawing teacher in French


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